A Story of Forgiveness: A Woman Befriends Man Who Shot Her When He Was An Early Adolescent

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At age 13, Ian Manuel was sentenced to life in prison after he shot Debbie Baigrie in the face in a botched robbery.  A year into his sentencing, Manuel reached out to Debbie to show his remorse for the incident only for the two to stay in contact, later resulting in Debbie helping Manuel get out of his sentencing.  Since the sentencing, the two have remained inseparable:  Debbie has been committed to supporting Manuel re-adjust in life as an adult, forming what can be considered a mother/son relationship between the two.

In a world where it’s hard to give forgiveness to those that have performed wrongful actions against us, it’s truly beautiful to see stories of repent, receptiveness, and the positive aspects of human nature on display.  See more of this story below: