Brian Banks, The Football Star Who Was Cleared of Rape

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After classmate, Wanetta Gibson, falsely accused promising NFL star, Brian Banks of dragging her into a stairway to rape her, the current spokesman for the California Innocence Project has finally gotten his name exonerated from the heinous act.  In 2002, at Polytechnic High School, Banks was arrested, derailing his full scholarship to USC after he had to spend five years in prison, received five years of probation after the bid, and then registered as a sex offender after taking a plea deal from rape allegations from fellow student, Wanetta Gibson.  Thereafter, Wanetta and her mother won a settlement of 1.5 million against the school district, while Banks was facing up to 41 years in prison.  Nine years after the settlement, Gibson contacted Banks on facebook and arranged to meet with Gibson, where she confessed that she fabricated the story, but couldn’t comply to Banks’ wish of notifying the prosecutors about the lie, in order not to have her settlement win reversed.  However, with the assistance of a private eye detective, a covert recant from the accuser was caught on tape, giving Banks the evidence he needed for the California Innocence Project attorneys to overturn his prior rape conviction in May of 2012.

A year later, in 2013, the accuser, Wanetta Gibson lost a 2.6 million dollar lawsuit filed by the Long Beach Unified School District to recoup the nearly $2 million dollars she received from the district along with interest and other damages.

Brian Banks plans to detail his experience in a documentary.