Find Out What To Consume Everyday To Treat And Prevent Colon, Liver, and Prostate Cancer

According to certain statistics, today, colon, liver and prostate cancer are the number one reasons for death in the world. They are very present today, but you can prevent or treat such health conditions only by consuming this just once a day! Many people complain on health issues and conditions like constipation, poor digestion and […]

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Is Your Doctor Causing You More Harm By Prescribing Antibiotics? The Impact of Antibiotics and The SuperBug That Can Kill You

For some doctors in third world nations, it may be hard to warrant in their diagnosis the difference between a virus and a bacterial infection – like pneumonia and strep throat. As a result, they prescribe most of their patients with antibiotics, forming a culture of people taking antibiotics as the first line of defense, […]

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