Activated Charcoal How To Use Hair Detox DIY

Find Out How To Naturally Turn Your Hair From Grey To Black While Improving General Well-Being

If you’re having hair issues, particularly greying, you may turn to activated charcoal as a solution.  Activated charcoal is permeable charcoal that becomes “activated,” when processed at very high temperatures; this black powder is comprised of char-coaled coconut shells. Once inside the body, it behaves like a magnet that attracts toxins to carry out.  Due […]

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Today Maybe The Most Stressful Time In American History!

As stated by the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in an America survey. a good percentage of Americans believe this country is at its lowest period.  Sixty-two percent of Americans are stressed about money; sixty-one percent are stressed about work; seventy-three percent of Democrats are worried about where the country is headed; over fifty percent […]

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