Find A Brutally Honest Opinion On Affiliate Marketing From An Affiliate Marketer

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My Honest Opinion On Affiliate Marketing! Does it actually work? Can you really make money online?

This article is in no way shape or form written to discourage you, but more so to inform you before you get started. The truth is, anyone can create a website and post blogs, but not everyone can be successful at it.

Everything in this article is based off of my personal experience to provide you with a beginners point of view. If anything you feel is incorrect, please feel free to leave a comment below because my goal is provide you with the TRUTH.

Here at Online Self Employed, my main focused is to provide you with legitimate information through experience and research, so you will NOT find fake success stories with pictures of mansions, cars, jets, yachts, etc.

How Long Does It Take?

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Yup, you heard me, let’s throw everything out of the picture and focus on YOU. It makes sense because none of these matters without you. You are the soul of your website, your business.

If I tell you by following my website and signing up for my recommendations, you will start earning a full time income within ONE week. Would you sign up right now?

I hope the answer is no, because that is what MOST get rich quick scheme websites are trying to accomplish. They don’t care whether you actually make money. What they want is for you to spend money, so they can make money.

How Long Does It Take For A Legitimate Affiliate Marketers To Make Money? There are people who starts making money 6 months in and there are people making money 1 year in. The reason why it varies so much is that everyone is different.

How much time are you willing to put into developing your business? What are your expectations on your online affiliate marketing business?

Keep the second question in mind because the next topic will relate to this question.

Can I Make Money Fast?

I have some good news and some bad news for you depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish. Before you start your very own online business, you want to ask yourself this question. Are you READ MORE