Find Out How Beginners Should Think About Their Approach To Writing Online!

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What to write online? Do you want to publish writing content online but struggle with the type of content to write?  This is quite common and can be an issue for those beginners that want to take the route of digital publishing. If you’re just getting started and looking for a niche and not too sure of what your target audience is or what it’ll be, then you’re not alone.  There is an abundance of topics to choose from but that abundance can be overwhelming and quite difficult to narrow down – especially when you have a generalized domain name or brand not really tailor made to keep you within confines.

On top of that, when you finally get the urge to want to put something on the blank draft when you think you’ve got your niche figured out, you may find that you’ve been thinking so much about the niche to focus on that you’re not really sure how to begin your writing approach to your audience, which can lead to more time wasting. What do you type down on the paper? Most of the time, I get a case of writer’s block, not knowing what to add onto a draft box to compose content to publish.  It’s okay.  Before coming up with this topic, I didn’t know what to write either, which led me to write this.

I didn’t want to do reviews, guides, interviews, advice columns, rants, or make a list.  I felt like I would have to force myself to do those things, whereas I prefer to be a bit more natural and transparent, which I feel makes the best content.

Let The Creative Juices Flow

Just write! As you continue to put things down, more will come to you.  Don’t censor yourself.  Don’t try to be perfect.  Just try and find your voice.  Do you have any passions? Is something bothering you?  Is there something you want to put out into the world?  Maybe you can begin your online writing journey by introducing who you are.  If you don’t have the desire to research a niche, then I suggest starting your writing by digging deep inside.  Do it to help discover your voice; be as honest as you can.  You’ll find that sometimes writing from the heart will connect with many people, as your genuineness will somehow draw in more readers through the mysterious work of frequency – if you believe in the power of the universe, but that’s a different topic.


The internet can be very distracting.  If possible, try to close out any other window, restrain yourself from opening another tab or window to prevent yourself from being sucked into a world of visuals.  Turn off your mobile devices and put it elsewhere.

Hell, even writing this now, I couldn’t help but go on YouTube.  If it isn’t already bad enough that you can’t focus on what to jot down, then indulging in something else can easily take you away from the task at hand.  The internet and being connected to it is great for taking you away from tasks, so stay focused.


It’s not always that I even think about SEO.  I just try and write from the heart and try to be as genuine as possible.  I feel that with SEO comes research, comes time, and then PROCRASTINATION.  If you can overcome procrastination, then shoot for the stars with each article you write and try to incorporate those target keywords to reach the audience you want but if you’re a beginner, I don’t necessarily think that’s the best or most important step.  The most important thing is to get you writing.  If you feel you want to incorporate some target words in there after publishing your content, then just go back and add in those words or phrases.  But if you find the research difficult, then don’t let it serve as an obstacle, bypass it and come back to it at a later time.