Find Out If You Can Really Take Surveys To Win Free Stuff

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Everybody likes a good contest and a chance to win great prizes right?

A great way to get chances for this for free is surveys. On many sites you can take surveys to win free stuff, and in many cases you will even be guaranteed to get prizes, as long as you answer the surveys.

This article will tell you how to do this, what to be aware of when deciding where to participate in these contests, and what the best sites to participate in contests are.

The difference between earning vs winning prizes

First, I would like to clarify what I mean by having the chance to win free stuff.

Survey sites have a number of different ways to pay members to participate in surveys. Some pay you in cash and others in products or gift cards. This is really great, but this is not what I define as winning. This is earning cash or prizes by doing surveys. When you use this option and earn cash or points, you will be guaranteed to get rewards. I myself love using this option, but in this article, I will focus on the survey sites that also have further options to win through contests or sweepstakes, as they are sometimes called.

I am also here NOT talking about the sites where the only reward you get for participating in surveys are tickets for a lottery. For me that is not a good enough reward if this is the only option a site offers, and the sites that only has this as a reward option are usually not very interesting in my opinion.

I prefer having the chance to earn cash or rewards when taking surveys, and then it is also great when a site has extra contests that give you chances of boosting your earnings. It is these sites and this possibility I will focus on below.

What kind of prizes can you win on survey sites

surveys prizes examplesNow that we are clear about what it means to win stuff on survey sites, let´s look into what kind of stuff you can then win.

There are in general 3 main rewards that are used as rewards in READ MORE