New York City On Track To Have Historic Record Low Murder Rate

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To start with good news, New York City is at one of its safest times in history. Statistics show that NYC’s murder rate in the five boroughs has so far totaled up to 145 murders out of a city of nine million, meanwhile, Chicago, a smaller city with a population of two million reportedly had an estimate of 500 murders and nearly 2000 shootings by the end of August alone. At the end of 2016, NYC ended up with only a record low of under a thousand shootings, and the trend looks to continue as the city may set yet again another record low with 800 shootings by the time 2018 hits. Shootings, murder, and overall crime in the NYC are down: The NYPD gives kudos to themselves for the decline due to their efforts against street gangs and repeated offenders. However, a former NYPD cop named Eugene O’ Donnell disputes the twenty-seven year homicide low on policing approach and instead points out to the city’s economic growth, which could subliminally be interpreted as the recent hikes in rent along with gentrification happening throughout the city. Other sources say the city’s policies such as mandatory minimums to curve gun violence lends a minimum of three years in prison if caught with a gun, whereas many other cities don’t have such practices. What do you think?