Nick Cannon Says “Stands For What” In His Fight Next To Kaepernick

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Nick Cannon continues to champion pro-black issues with his latest “Stand For What” poem.  Nick Cannon is steadily becoming one of the few loud African American Hollywood voices to speak out against racial injustice.  Cannon decided to leave NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” TV show at the top of the year after a standup comedy joke he made in regards to working at NBC, causing a rift between Cannon and some of the execs.  Cannon explained that his departure from NBC was because he couldn’t work for a corporation that infringed upon his freedom of speech.  Cannon being all too familiar with having his voice silenced by corporate entities similar to Colin Kaapernick’s current situation has chosen to speak up for his cause.  In “Stand For What,” Cannon continues to practice his first Amendment right in support of the obvious blacklisting of Colin Kaepernick from the football league, providing historical context, stating, “Stand for what/ the beginning of Slavery in 1619/Or the end of those Black Marines of 1814/That’s really what the lyrics are about/They may have taken the word slave out.”