Science To Bring Aging Under Control

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In the last sixty-five years, the maximum longevity of humans hasn’t changed much; the expected lifespan of an American has increased to only fifteen percent and the current rate of increase is said to be lower than it was six decades ago.  Our approach in terms of age-related sickness has been lacking until recently.  Instead of spending money to treat diseases, the medical industry has been finding ways to target the root cause of illness in most, which is aging.  Attacking the underlying issue of most age-related illness will lead to further longevity and maintaining our health span to halt certain diseases from ever occurring.  To grow without pain or with just a minimum of pain, it may be essential to optimize our health span to extend our lifespan.

Well, our medical field has made tremendous progress:  science is rapidly progressing in the approach to addressing the aging process.  This approach includes tissue repair, increasing DNA repair to improve cell function, and stem cell therapy to combat illnesses.  Promoting longevity in humanity has been like a pipeline dream, but with the amount of research being done on it, this may soon be a distant reality.  There are now trials launching where people can participate in a variety of treatment.

There are a complex array of various therapies that require a fusion of medication to be interjected in our system that will fend off bad cells or re-activate certain functions made inactive or feeble within our systems, as we age.

Different Therapies

The trials prove that there is not a single magic bullet to kill the root cause of all bodily effects -aging- as there are a number of diagnostic markers: a) The built-in aging, clocking mechanism in our cells called senescent cells can be fought off to prolong aging and battle cancer via a particular protein; b) we can artificially obtain NADs within our cells to rejuvenate our anatomy; c) we can insert fresh new stem cells to reinvigorate brain cells, metabolism, and cardiovascular activity.  Cosmetic deficiencies such as hair loss were also shown to be impacted, as hair became revitalized on the subjects during the aging diagnostics. This can mean that hair loss one day can be treated or prevented entirely by curing aging.

The research, so far, has only been carried out on mice as proof of concept, but human trials have to be conducted to know the effects of how such therapies can modify our lifespans.  Volunteers can sign up at