Sprint has filed Paperwork With The DOJ & FCC To Merge With T-Mobile

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T-Mobile, which ranks in third place among U.S. wireless carriers is looking to merge with the fourth ranking U.S. carrier in Sprint.  The two carriers combined would become tied at number two in the nation, posing as direct competition against second place, runner up in AT&T along with the incumbent leader in Verizon.  It’s been in the forecast that in three years or less that T-Mobile will become the leader in the nation.  The attempt of merging Sprint and T-Mobile has been in talks since 2014, but due to regulatory roadblocks, it didn’t take place.  However, In 2013, T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS and is hoping to overcome Republican regulators in a more lax FCC in Trump’s regime, this time.  But with Sprint being largely vaster and with about seven times the subscriber base of MetroPCS, it will be quite a task.  Although an official decision has not been made, the word is that the U.S. Dept of Justice is pushing against the consolidation of the two entities, which could put a damper in T-Mobile’s climb. While this acquisition may look promising for T-Mobile’s future, how will this effect the consumer, as the market becomes less competitive, assuming that this goes through?  In the cable industry, we’ve seen many mergers and due to that, we’ve seen less competition, making for monopolies to raise prices on consumers with no other television subscription alternatives:  Will history eventually repeat itself in the mobile industry?  What are your thoughts?  Do you support consolidations?