The Mystery Lady That Came Out Minutes Before Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Concert Killings?

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According to a concert goer from the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Resort, an unknown woman came out and made threats about forty-five minutes prior to the massacre. In an act of domestic Terrorism that took place on Sunday, October 1, 2017, so far leaving a total of fifty-nine killed and five-hundred and twenty-seven injured has still left us puzzled. The motive, as to why sixty-four year old retiree, Stephen Paddock went on a killing rampage is still unknown. Law enforcement can’t unravel the mystery behind why the shooter fired randomly into a crowd of concertgoers from a thirty-second floor window before committing suicide. The terrorist arrived to his hotel suite several days prior loaded with a range of firearms, firing an ak-47 type of assault rifle into Jason Aldean’s country music concert audience of over twenty-two thousand people. Authorities can’t figure out how Paddock was able to bring an arsenal of twenty-three guns into a Vegas hotel without discovery, and theorize that he may not have acted alone in what appears to be a “lone wolf” attack. Further adding to the speculation is this concert attendee who says a lady who was escorted out made her way to the front row and said that they were all going to die that night.