Transgenders Receive Positions of Power On Election Night

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On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the LGBTQ scored victories for Democrats with two open-transgender candidates.  It was a history-making night for Democrats when trans-woman, Danica Roem won the Virginia House of Delegates race against, incumbent Republican, Bob Marshall, making her the first transgender person to be seated in any state legislature within the United States.  Roem’s victory against Marshall was significant, as Marshall sponsored Virginia’s bathroom bill for transgenders and contributed to other anti-LGBTQ acts, such as finding ways to undermine gay marriage equality.

The second victory in the night came from Andrea Jenkins-the first transparent trans-woman of color to be elected as a public official in the country.  Jenkins won the campaign trail in Minnesota, winning the Minneapolis City Council, prompting her to become the first colored trans-woman to make such a milestone, according to the press secretary for the Human Rights Campaign.

Althea Garrison, a woman of “color” in 1992 was a trans-woman as well and was actually the first trans-woman to be elected to state legislature in Massachusetts; however, the Republican representative was discreet about her transgender status and therefore isn’t recognized as – the first OPEN transwoman-to serve as state legislature.