“Transracial” Man Believes He’s Filipino

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It was back in 2015, when Rachel Dolezal, a white woman, who identified as an African-American was exposed as posing as an African-American president of an NAACP  chapter. It was significant because it was the first time that the term ‘transracial’ had been conceived in the public within the context of someone of one race identifying as part of another race. Fast-forward two years later, and this term is growing legs. Ja Du, who was born as a Caucasian male by the name of Adam, now considers himself as Filipino. Ja Don – who is also transitioning to become a female – explained that he feels at home with Filipino culture, in terms of the meals, music, and more.

Ja Don is not alone.  He created a Transracial community on Facebook backed with supporters of people who share the sentiment: this is the sentiment of not being who they appear on the outside but how they feel on the inside.

This situation leads me to a series of questions but the main one is: Where do the floodgates close? In a world where everyone is now free to change their gender because of a “feeling,” is changing your race too far-fetched because of a “feeling” as well or is it similar? If a person wants to change their species because they feel they were born the wrong species, will it be okay to identify as another species at will? It makes you wonder about where the future is headed with so many individual freedoms that we are being taught to accept. I believe in tolerance for everyone but does a line have to be drawn with our autonomy-if so then where? Will there come a time when the current pursuit to break down barriers and social norms hit a barrier?  Or we will continue to push boundaries?  And if so, then how long-when will we have pushed things too far?


In this comedy satire, ‘trans-racialism’ is the focal point: